How to show your houses’ assets to the max

6th August 2010
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In this new age of the internet, why do people still use Estate Agents to sell their properties. Surely they sell themselves? No so… The truth is that we are all good at various things but we view our houses/homes through rose tinted glasses. How many times do you look at a house and think to yourself "what awful taste"? There are ways of dressing a house for sale which only an impartial professional can help you with. Here are some of the helpful hints we give to our clients:
  1. Walk up to your house as if for the first time as first impressions have a massive impact. Does the house look welcoming, warm and lived in or does it look gloomy and foreboding. You have around 3 seconds before your potential buyer has made their mind up.
  2. If the paint is grubby or wall paper peeling in any room, make the effort to fix it or paint it as the overall impression of a grubby/peeling room is "uncared for". Buyers will judge the value of the property and the amount of work they're going to have to do based on these first impressions.
  3. Do the carpets need cleaning, especially in the walk ways? A dirty carpet will say to the buyer that the house may be grubby overall.
  4. Are the windows overshadowed by trees or foliage? If so cut them back to allow the maximum amount of light into your room. The amount of light in a room will change the perception about the size of the room similarly a room with high ceilings will feel more roomy.
  5. Can you store away your personal clutter? Some people are put off or distracted by thought of walking into someone's personal life and will not focus on the potential of the room for them. Anyone who wants to buy your property will view need to be able to visualise themselves living there, which is why the general rule of thumb is to keep spaces neutral.
  6. Keep the garden tidy and the fences in good order, especially in the winter months when gardens are generally not at their best. If you have some beautiful plants, why not take some photos of them in full flower so people can see the real potential in the summer months?
When you have completed these basics, you can now move onto staging your house. Many professional organisations complicate this with art and drama, however there are a few simple things that you can do to emphasis the parts of your house that matter. If you have a strong fireplace, big shelving units and bookcases, add some unique elements to which draw attention to predetermined areas. Add some mirrors into rooms to increase the light. These are useful to also replace any very personal portraits or to add more light to a dark area in a room. Use pillows and throws to add personality and warmth. Afterall, it is often the woman who makes a gut decision on whether they like the property or not. If you're not a flower person, add plants or a bowl of fruit to add the natural, healthy look. Don't forget to add colour into the garden too. Your potential buyers should want to get out there (regardless of the weather!) If you need some independent, impartial advice on whether your house is ready for sale, call Michael on 02890 450 550 or email for a fresh approach on how to sell your property.

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