Our top 5 tips for getting your mortgage!

9th August 2012
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If you believed what you have read and heard in the media over the last few years it would be easy to think that mortgage lending was a thing of the past; lack of credit, banks not wishing to lend, lending levels at all time lows etc.  Whilst there are some elements of truth in this, the situation is nowhere near as bleak.  In fact, if you meet 3 simple criteria the options available are vast;
  1. 1. Do you have a deposit for your purchase (10% normally)?
  2. 2. A good credit history?
  3. 3. Can you prove your income
If the answer to these questions is YES, then the next step is to speak to seek Independent Mortgage Advice.  An Independent Mortgage Adviser has no ties to any lender which means that they will research the whole market for you, giving the most suitable deals to suit your circumstances We have provided you with our top 5 hints and tips, designed to help you make a success of buying your home.
  1. 1. Meet with an Independent Mortgage Adviser
  2. 2. Obtain your Credit Report
  3. 3. Have your documentation prepared in advance e.g. Payslips, Accounts, Bank statements etc
  4. 4. Prepare a monthly budget
  5. 5. Take your time to make sure you understand the offer being put forward by your Lender
We offer all our sellers and potential buyers a Free Mortgage Consultation from our ‘in-house’ Independent Mortgage Adviser.  Our belief has always been that if you act early and receive good, honest, independent advice you will be in control, which will allow you to make the best decision when the time is right. For further information on any of the above or to make an appointment please get in touch Michael Chandler Estate Agents is an introducer to Financial Choices UK LLP who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority  

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