“Snowy weather conditions NOT affecting our delivery”

7th December 2010
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Snowy Weather Conditions not putting off house buyers in the province. Despite the bitterly cold weather conditions and regular snow flurries, the climate is somewhat warmer for the property market.  With both buyers and sellers remaining active when it comes to moving house, few seem put off by the cold weather. “We have eleven property transactions completing in the run up to Christmas and plenty of properties still being placed on the market, it certainly seems as though the property market is not taking a break for the Christmas holidays”. Michael Chandler. The outlook for the housing market for 2011 is also in contrast to current weather conditions, house prices have now reduced to a satisfactory level and people are finding moving more affordable and it is predicted that the number of property transactions which will take place in the first quarter of 2011 will provide a sunny and fresh outlook for the property market for 2011.

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