What an improvement a year makes! 2012 & looking forward...

20th December 2012
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  2012 was an exciting and promising year for the property market in Northern Ireland.  Yes there were frustrations and a few disappointments but all in all things are definitely gathering pace again.  As the year progressed vendors and buyers became more realistic with their pricing and offers, when this happens success follows...  By the end of 2012 the number of offers and agreed properties had trebled for the same period in 2011 which is a great sign for the new year! I believe it is a joint effort between the seller and the Estate Agent to ensure a property is presented properly – both in the flesh and online.  If valuations are realistic and at a comparable level to satisfy surveyors then every property is sellable.  I personally believe confidence is returning and I think we will see prices bottoming out now and then a slow return to growth in strong areas throughout 2013 and beyond. In 2012 we sold many of the properties we listed within days!  Our reputation for selling houses continues to grow and we are looking forward to meeting and working with new clients in the new year that are keen to take advantage of the new market confidence. If you are thinking of selling your property or have been on the market for longer that you had hoped, we would love to talk to you and give you some free and honest advice regarding the value and useful tips to ensure you get the maximum return in the quickest time. I look forward to working with you! Michael Chandler  

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