• Posted on 20 July 2023


    Very good news: It is confirmed that some lenders have REDCUED their mortgage rates on 2 and 5 year fixed mortgages. This is the first time its happened in the last 6months so something to share with your potential buyers and sellers.

    Hopefully more to come!

    For More Info Call - 02890 421 000

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  • Posted on 20 July 2023


    🏠 Let us be your trusted guides!

    🤝 Our step-by-step expertise will lead you to build a

    successful property portfolio.
    📚From finding the perfect investment opportunities to managing your tenants with ease, we've got you covered.

    🔑💼 Join us as we turn your dreams into reality.
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  • Posted on 5 June 2023

    Holywood Branch Opening!

    🎉 Exciting Update! 🎉

    🍾We’ve some very exciting news... our North Down office is now officially open

    🌟 If you’re in Holywood, please stop in and see us regarding all your property needs at 91 High Street, Holywood or call us on 02890 421 000.

    🙌 The buzz around our new venture is building, and we can't wait to see what the future holds. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this incredible journey together!
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  • Posted on 3 February 2023

    First Time Buyer Tips

    We want to assure first time buyers feel reassured and comfortable when making the biggest purchase of their life.

    Chris Sharp took his time to give you only a few tips and insights for getting started in the property market & we have many more!

    We want to help you as much as possible.. No question is too small or big, get in touch!

    First Time Buyer Tips
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  • Posted on 3 February 2023

    Flipping Property Tips

    Flipping Cheap or Flipping Expensive?!

    Michaels tips to ensure a good return on your investment whether it is a flip, rental or sale

    Flipping Property Tips
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  • Posted on 3 February 2023


    "SALE AGREED... over to the solicitors!" Said no one at Michael Chandlers ever...

    We do everything we can to make sure the conveyancing process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible, however bumps along the road can be inevitable but with our knowledge and experience we get over these stages with ease... a term we refer to here as "Firefighting".

    If you need advice please do get in touch - 02890 450 550

    Firefighting video
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  • Posted on 25 January 2023

    Bloopers in Rosettia (Rosetta)!

    We put maximum effort into every single property sale for our clients, and we love to say we are brilliant at everything … however saying the word “Rosetta” seems to be a step too far for my daughter Camy and I!  Read more
  • Posted on 17 August 2022

    Extend or Sell?

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  • Posted on 24 June 2022


    Getting Ready To Move
    With the property market showing some signs of re-opening, now is the time to get ready to make sure you're prepared for selling your home, and moving on.

    Over the past few weeks, house viewings have not been possible. But don't worry - your estate agent will have been taking registrations of interest from people wanting to view your home, and should have a list of buyers ready to book an appointment as soon as they are able to.

    So let's make sure your home is viewing-ready!

    Use our room-by-room 'Preparing to Sell Checklist'; to make sure your whole house looks fresh and attractive to entice a viewer to make an offer. Just email us on property@michael-chandler.co.uk to get your copy today.

    Let's look at the elements that make up your property marketing, to make sure each one is showcasing your home at its very best.

    Do your outside photographs need updating? The seasons have changed during lockdown and now your existing photographs may not reflect the current time. If your photographs are looking a little wintery, ask your agent if these can be re-taken. With the lovely weather we have had recently, your garden may now be blooming and much more colourful. Your images need to really show off your garden to attract viewers, so they probably need updating now.

    Step Inside
    If you have been cooped up at home over the past couple of months, your presentation may not be at its usual standard! Go through your home checking each room to make sure it matches your agent's photographs. A spring clean will make your home fresh and fragrant once again, so viewers can see it at its best. Check soft furnishings and carpets to make sure they are spotless, and give your windows a clean to make them sparkle.

    Tame Your Garden
    If the spring weather has caused your garden to become a little out of hand, now is the time to tame it. Your lawn needs to be freshly mown, and the edges neat. Your flower beds free of weeds so your plants and flowers can stand out and any children’s outdoor toys washed and tidied. If your patio furniture is looking past its best and you don't want to replace it, give it a good scrub; if it's wood, paint, varnish or stain it, so it looks smart and viewing-ready. Add a flowerpot to the centre of the table for a touch of lifestyle polish.

    Patios, decks and paths may need a power wash, or just a good brush, to show them at their best. If you have gravel areas, try adding new gravel to freshen them up, or raking over the existing gravel and taking out any leaves and debris.

    Shrubs may need cutting back or neatening, and rogue shoots over paths should be removed. Hedges too may need trimming.

    Getting Clicks Online
    With several property websites all vying for attention from millions of buyers, your online advert needs to really stand out. These are five key areas that can help make sure your advert gets the click:

    The headline and summary paragraph need to be strong, informative and emotive in order to entice a browser to click to find out more about your home.Bullet points - these need to showcase the key features of your home, make them sit up in their chair and give them a reason to view. For example, 'Downstairs WC' - is not so much of a wow factor. 'Panoramic vistas' - better. But 'Romantic, rose-filled garden' will stop a browser and make them read on.

    Photographs - these need to be compelling, attractive and up to date. As a rule, up to 15 images is plenty. Any more and you may find you don’t get viewings, as buyers feel that they’ve seen the whole house. Save something for the actual viewing, and leave a reader wanting more.Flow of images – do your photographs flow in the same way as a viewing would naturally do? Starting with a front photograph, followed by a hallway, and then the living room, makes a buyer feel that they can visualise your home.

    Property description – this needs to be compelling and visual, telling the story of your home. You don’t need a whole essay here – Just a few paragraphs should be enough to compel a browser to want to find out more, and pick up the phone.

    Buyers Getting Mortgages
    Whilst there was a period of time at the beginning of lockdown when mortgages became difficult to obtain, this situation has, in the main, been rectified. And with mortgage rates the lowest they have ever been in history, many buyers needing mortgages may feel that now is an opportune time to move house. We have our own in-house independent financial advisor who can guide you every step of the way.

    Family buyers looking to ‘upsize’
    Some families have spent many weeks cooped up in a house that is just too small for their needs. What they may be dreaming of now, is a house with more reception space, a large kitchen, extra bedrooms, and of course, a generous work-from-home space. And gardens too have recently become a priority for many families. Those without any lawn space may now crave it, and even families with average sized gardens may be aspiring to rolling lawns, orchards, tree houses and space to build dens. If your home offers a family space that will appeal to anyone who has just spent weeks feeling squeezed and even suffocated, it will probably be in demand from family buyers right now.

    Your Onward Move
    If you have found your dream home, and it’s still available, your focus will be on selling your home as soon as you can. By using our handy checklist, you’ll feel confident you have given yourself the best possible chance to sell and move on.

    If you have not yet found the house you want to move to, you may find that there are less houses to choose from. We feel that this will only be a temporary situation, as the backlog of homes that have been waiting to come to the market will now launch, and the demand/supply balance is restored. Having a firm offer on your home from a proceedable buyer will give you the buying power you need once the house you really want becomes available, and you need to take quick action.

    No Interest? Time to go back to the drawing board
    Are buyers flocking to view your home when they are able to? If not, why not? If you’ve addressed all the ‘saleability’ factors listed above, and you’ve used our Preparing to Sell Checklist to make sure your home is viewing ready, then perhaps it’s time to reassess your choice of estate agent.

    Sometimes, a fresh approach from a new set of eyes will find new marketing angles, and reach a different group of buyers. Let’s face it, you only need one buyer and a new estate agent could be the key to finding them.

    As an initial step, we’d like to invite you to have a chat with us – we may be able to uncover the reasons you’re not getting the interest in your home that it deserves, just by looking at your online advert. From there, the rest is up to you.

    So you don’t miss something that may be the difference between a no and an offer, we’ve created Our ‘Preparing to Sell Checklist’, which is specifically designed to ensure each and every critical aspect of preparing to kickstart your home sale out of lockdown is covered.

    Email us now on property@michael-chandler.co.uk with the subject ‘checklist’ for your own copy.

    Getting your home, your family and yourself, prepared and ready to sell will give you the best possible chance to move on as soon as you can.

    We’d love to help you make your home moving dreams a reality, so if you have any questions not covered in this blog, please email on property@michael-chandler.co.uk or call on 02890 450 550 and let’s get you moving
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  • Posted on 24 April 2019


    Saving for a house deposit is a dream goal for all of us – however, it’s one of those tasks that is easier said than done.

    It’s normal to give in here and there – from treating yourself to a night out, new outfit or a cheeky takeaway – but it all adds up!

    Whether it’s getting started or finding the strength to persevere, we have the best five solutions to help you not waiver and stay on target.


    Although it may seem strict, setting a budget is one of the most effective ways to structure your spending and save money.

    By categorising your typical monthly expenditures (such as food, bills and entertainment for example) and working out how much you currently spend, you can then set a realistic target for how much you would like to limit your spending to and what is the maximum you can allocate to save for your deposit. There is an abundance of apps out there to help you track and analyse your current spending, and many mobile banking apps that offer ‘savings pot’ features to help you round-up to the nearest pound of whatever items you purchase each day and place it into your pot.

    2. BUY IN BULK

    By doing an online food shop weekly or fortnightly, this can help you steer away from feeling the need to nip into the shops every day and buying anything unnecessary because it happens to be on offer on the shelf. There are also loads of discount codes that can be applied if it’s your first shop with your chosen grocer, which will support your saving endeavour further.


    Opening a savings account specifically for a house deposit can motivate you to save money. There are various ISAs and savings accounts available that you can open, such as the Help To Buy ISA Scheme which is offered across all banks until November 2019 when sign-ups will come to an end.


    You can save more towards a deposit if you reduce your spending on treats such as entertainment and essentials such as gas and electricity. These can be done by limiting your entertainment from two days a week to one, and by saving your electricity by remembering to turn off all the lights that aren’t needed in your house and doing your washing at 30 degrees.


    One of the oldest tricks in the book is if you have any extra furniture or clothes that you don’t need or wear anymore – sell them! By using websites such as, Gumtree and eBay or by attending good old-fashioned car boot sales, these are all simple yet effective ways to sell items quickly and gain extra cash to put away.

    By following these top tips, saving for a house deposit will soon be an item you can finally tick off your bucket list.
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